[GRASS-dev] image processing modules for GRASS GIS

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun May 20 01:57:43 EDT 2007

Yann wrote:
> There is a group of modules about satellite image processing in the
> GRASSSVN Add-ons repository that I am working on. Today, i've been
> suggested to write this email.
> I would like to ask whether some people would be interested in
> expanding the standard raster menu of GRASS with some of these
> modules contained in this set. A large part is composed of r.eb.*
> modules, dedicated to energy balance calculations ultimately leading
> to Actual evapotranspiration estimations.

These modules are interesting, but outside of my field, so no opinion on
what should become a standard part of GRASS. However, while they are
maturing this collection sounds like a great opportunity to try out the



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