[GRASS-dev] New Binary Package Project for winGRASS

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 2 13:59:46 EST 2008

Martin Landa wrote:
> Some screenshots

Very nice! these will look great on the main "platforms" screenshots

One thing I noticed:
The start screen screenshot includes "C:/grassdata" which will
instantly look very wrong to MS Windows-only users.
Can C:\ be used or does it need to be a forward slash?

Great use of the "grass" desktop background!

We have a GRASS icon for MS Windows in SVN, could it be used on the top
right corner of the windows and the taskbar?  lib/init/grass.ico

In the GIS manager window layer list it possible to pack the [100%] box
at the right edge of the line?


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