[GRASS-dev] GRASS 6.3.0

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 14 23:28:20 EDT 2008

Martin Landa wrote:
> we are a little bit late with releasing 6.3.0,

no big hurry.

> looking at [1,2] I don't see any (really) blocker issue (maybe vdigit
> linking problem, but this can wait for 6.3.1 I guess).

Before 6.3.0 I would like to finish making r.tileset "echo -n" portable
(trac bug #81) and then backport r.in.wms fixes, and also see if we can
fix the GIS.m off-by-one fill/boundary rendering (trac bug #72)


As r.in.wms has been reported to work on Mac 10.5, I infer that the
#!/bin/bash used by r.tileset makes it use bash's internal echo (which
supports echo -n) instead of a system BSD /bin/echo which does not. (??)
Even if that is so, it's probably a good idea to fix anyway. The eval
within a function within another function and array quoting makes my head
hurt, so for clarity's sake I am leaning towards going with Paul's
suggestion of using GRASS's own $GISBASE/etc/echo there and keeping the
-n, versus Glynn's patch which I find hard to review beyond trial & error
tests which I can't properly do without OSX 10.5, which I don't have.

Not having to resort to using our own echo.c is preferable, but for the
pending 6.3.0 release this seems to me the less worrisome solution.

There are a lot of other script fixes not backported to 6.3.0, mostly
bulk quoting of variables. I didn't backport them as I have not
individually tested the changes and so don't guarantee they are no
introduced typos. These will help with the spaces in pathnames problems,
which are mostly a MS Windows phenomenon. I did not systematically quote
everything, so it is almost certain that there will be more unquoted path
and file names. These fixes might be nice to get out to MS Windows users
in a 6.3.1 after more testing in SVN/trunk. Probably easier to cut a new
6_3_1 branch from the main grass6 line than to bother backporting things
to 6.3.0's branch.
(unless a major bug is discovered and we want to release a quick 6.3.1)

Is there a need for one last 6.3.0rc6 before release since all the new wx
backport changes?


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