[GRASS-dev] New GRASS icons

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 27 02:05:30 EDT 2008

> And talking about colors. Accessibility is important, so icon  
> should 'work' without colors. We will add them at final stage.

I guess it would be helpful when we get to that stage to have a color
blind volunteer look over the icons to point out any that become
indistinguishable from another. 

Also there are QGIS's GRASS toolbox icons to draw inspiration from, use
as placeholders, or just plain reuse:
(maybe easier to browse those by just loading up the toolbox in QGIS...)

I guess eventually we can push compatible icons over to QGIS so the user
only has to remember one icon per task and so using the QGIS toolbox
becomes a familiar and natural experience (& vice versa).

nice work,

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