[GRASS-dev] Re: v.in.gshhs - bogus horizontal lines

Maciej Sieczka msieczka at sieczka.org
Tue Mar 24 15:38:45 EDT 2009

Markus Metz pisze:
> Maciej Sieczka wrote:
>> Markus Metz pisze:

>>> That would be the fool proof solution to avoid horizontal lines. But
>>>  then you have vertical lines...

>> If you decide it's worth your time to provide that *as an option* in
>> v.in.gshhs it'd be cool.

> Not right now, first I want to get grass7 topology substantially faster 
> than grass6 topology, then I want to check an idea on how to make 
> r.watershed in segmented mode faster (than r.terraflow), and then I 
> could look at grass-addons modules. v.in.gshhs is currently very low on 
> my priority list, and this suggested change is time consuming to implement.

I'm really excited about your present and upcoming vector-related 
improvements. You are doing an extremely important job.


Maciej Sieczka

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