[GRASS-dev] [GRASS GIS] #2395: Startup runs as in Cygwin when CYGWIN is set although running as native application

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Wed Aug 20 08:19:27 PDT 2014

#2395: Startup runs as in Cygwin when CYGWIN is set although running as native
 Reporter:  wenzeslaus                                |       Owner:  grass-dev@…              
     Type:  defect                                    |      Status:  new                      
 Priority:  normal                                    |   Milestone:  7.0.0                    
Component:  Startup                                   |     Version:  svn-releasebranch70      
 Keywords:  cygwin, wingrass, environmetal variables  |    Platform:  MSWindows 8              
      Cpu:  Unspecified                               |  

Comment(by hellik):

 Replying to [comment:9 wenzeslaus]:
 > Replying to [comment:1 glynn]:
 > > Replying to [ticket:2395 wenzeslaus]:
 > >
 > > > 1) Do you need CYGWIN variable in you environment for some reason?
 > >
 > > FWIW, the CYGWIN variable isn't even set in my Cygwin64 environment,
 so checking it may lead to false negatives as well as false positives.
 > >
 > > > 2) For GRASS GIS, is there some better way of getting to know if it
 is running as Cygwin application?
 > >
 > > For a Python script, sys.platform will tell you if you're running a
 Cygwin version of Python.
 > >
 > So, I will change this accoring to [http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail
 /grass-user/2014-August/070728.html GRASS-user Grass-7.0 beta3 fails to
 > {{{
 > if sys.platform == 'cygwin':
 > }}}
 > I'm just not sure from the documentation if "equals", "startswith", or
 "in" is more appropriate.
 > > Another option would be to check for the presence of the variable
 SHELL in the environment. If it doesn't exist, GRASS is probably being
 launched from a desktop icon or start menu entry, in which case the GUI
 should be started directly. If SHELL is set, GRASS should spawn a session
 using that shell, in the current console.
 > >
 > According to comment and the source code I think that `SHELL` variable
 might be somehow wrong sometimes.
 >  * source:grass/trunk/lib/init/grass.py#L906
 > > Ideally, we shouldn't be trying to distinguish Cygwin from other Unix
 platforms except where this turns out to be strictly necessary.
 > >
 > Yes, we would be defeating the purpose of Unix and Cygwin then but I
 guess this is the exception.
 > > > 3) Is this Cygwin part even needed? We are not relying on Cygwin in
 GRASS GIS 7 anymore and we don't plan to do so, as far as I know. So, a
 possile solution is just removing this Cygwin-related code.
 > >
 > > This isn't version-specific. For a long time, we have offered GRASS
 for both (native) Windows and Cygwin. Some Windows users (e.g. those who
 already use Cygwin for other reasons) may prefer the Cygwin version.
 > >
 > OK, if we still support Cygwin and it is still possible to install GRASS
 GIS like this we need to keep the code there.

 as the source of original failure report is an incomplete installation,
 closing ticket?

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