[GRASS-dev] GRASS for Mac 64bit, wxPython 3, maybe fix for SIP problem - please test

Michael Barton Michael.Barton at asu.edu
Wed Jun 1 16:50:55 PDT 2016

I just posted a new binary for GRASS 7.3 built fully 64 bit, with wxPython to the GRASS for Mac site (http://grassmac.wikidot.com)

It turns out the previous "64bit" GRASS binary still ran 32bit Python. I had to hack the python_wrapper.py file, but this one is fully 64bit AFAICT. I also tried some hacks that might be a way to solve the inability to run GRASS on El Capitan with SIP enabled. There are a couple of known bugs in the wxPython 3.x GUI

1. The most serious is switching to 3D mode and back to 2D mode leaves one of the map display menu buttons corrupted. It seems the only thing you can do is to close the map display and open a new one.

2. There are also some popup lists (e.g., for switching mapsets) that do not behave as they should. You cannot select an item with a mouse (but you can select with arrow keys and <return>) unless you hit <escape> to destroy part of the control. Then you can use the mouse to click something.

Please let us know if you encounter any other bug or strange behavior.

Also,  and importantly if anyone is running El Capitan, it would be great if you could reenable SIP (if you've turned it off) and see if this version runs.  Of course, maybe I've "fixed" it so that it only runs on my system and crashes on everyone else's.

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