[GRASS-dev] map display enhancement

Vincent Bain bain at toraval.fr
Mon Jun 20 08:15:51 PDT 2016

Le lundi 20 juin 2016 à 10:54 -0400, Vaclav Petras a écrit :

> If I understand correctly, the general combination would be more
> challenging and would have to implemented in GUI (you can create a
> ticket). However, just for the rasters, d.shade probably covers
> significant part (or all?) of the use cases.


> Note that there is also d.to.rast (not advertised in the GUI but
> available in the console) which will save anything on the display
> (vectors, labels, ...) as a raster map (so you can use d.shade
> afterwards).

As I said some time ago
I cannot invoke d.to.rast to extract the map display content (only the
content of monitors activated via d.mon)... I may be missing something
about that.

in fact, for purely illustrative purpose, I usually proceed (a
quick&dirty way...) with sequential screen captures and blend them with
the Gimp.

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