[GRASS-dev] i.landsat8.swlst: suggestions for

Blumentrath, Stefan Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
Tue Jan 17 03:06:52 PST 2017

Hi Nikos/devs,

Currently, I am Co-supervising a student who is using i.landsat8.swlst module for his bachelor thesis.

During that work we stumbled upon some minor issues where we would like to propose some changes in the module:

-          The k-flag does the opposite of what the description tells. It sets the computational region to the Landsat scene. I would say, it is more in line with other GRASS modules if the computational region is not changed by default. So I would rather change the description than the behavior (please find a suggestion in the diff below). However, maybe it is even more coherent with the rest of the GRASS modules if the flag is removed?

-          Currently, the module always overwrites an existing MASK and requires either the QAB band or a raster representing unreliable pixels which the module then uses as an inverted mask. I would like to propose to leave the (cloud) masking out of the module and leave that to other modules (i.landsat8.qc, r.reclass, r.mask...).

Please find attached a diff covering the suggested changes in i.landsat8.swlst plus some message and UI cosmetics.

Nikos, if you prefer a PR on github I can create one (don`t know how you sync gtihub and svn...)?

If you agree in the proposed changes I will also check and adjust the manual accordingly...

Kind regards,
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