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Thu Dec 19 04:13:41 PST 2019


El mié., 18 dic. 2019 19:06, Stefan Blumentrath <Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no>

> Done.
> The CoCalc support team is on the issue. I also asked for a launcher
> button for GRASS GIS...
> Still, I have to mention, that Vaclavs Jupyter notebook collection is
> pretty impressive, and leads interested users right to the point when
> served with Binder.
> For a "Launch Binder" button in the Readme.md on github we would just have
> to add the following line:
> [![Binder](
> https://mybinder.org/badge_logo.svg)](https://mybinder.org/v2/gh/wenzeslaus/geospatial-modeling-course-jupyter/master
> )
> in the README and with one click people can get to very good example
> exercises...
> But we would probably want have it a bit more prominent (e.g. on the new
> website) than with just a small button at the top of the repo README...

In the new website, it would be cool! Please open an issue or PR at:
The "Learn" section is a good fit :)

Wanna look at it yourselv:
> https://mybinder.org/v2/gh/wenzeslaus/geospatial-modeling-course-jupyter/master

impressive collection! Thanks Vashek! :)

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