[GRASS-dev] GRASS build pipelines: Appveyor and/or other options

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 13:54:38 PDT 2019


čt 6. 6. 2019 v 22:48 odesílatel Markus Neteler <neteler at osgeo.org> napsal:
> at time we don't have recent Windows builds.

I hope to have some time to put them in operation again in next days.

> Re: Appveyor there are these pipelines for inspiration:
> build recipes in
> - https://github.com/OSGeo/proj.4/blob/master/appveyor.yml
> - https://github.com/OSGeo/gdal/blob/master/appveyor.yml
> - ...
> Is anyone willing to look into this?

I don't know, but what could be tricky, to set up msys2 / mingw64
environment. Just reminder that GRASS is not possible to compile using
MSVS nowadays.


Martin Landa

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