[GRASS translations] Re: translation of grass-6.2.0beta2 into vietnamese

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Wed Sep 20 04:08:07 EDT 2006

Hi Bui Huu Manh

On Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 06:59:42AM +0100, Mystus vittatus wrote:
>      Hi Markus
>    Attached to this mail is the translation of 3 po files of GRASS 6.2.0beta2
>    into Vietnamese. It's a quite completed translation, only very few
>    messages left or the ones which don't need translation like Raster,
>    Vector.... The translation is done in gedit, and I have compiled GRASS
>    with nls option to check. Generally it's ok (you can see some issues
>    below).

thanks a lot - I have uploaded the files to 6.2.0-release branch and

[... answered in personal mail ...]
>     1. Even though some messages are translatable, but some don't accept the
>        space in translated strings. For example in grasstcl.po file, the
>        string *Ouput* is translated into Vietnamese is *D-a>!u ra*, or
>        *Options* is translated to *Tuy cho-.n*. But if those have spaces then
>        some modules couldn't run, for example, g.region will display error
>        message and can't be run. But if the translation is put into
>        one-word-form, for example, *Tuy cho-.n* become *Tuy_cho-.n*, *D-a>!u
>        ra* become *D-a>!u_ra* (use underscore instead of space), then things
>        are ok. There are some other cases, not many but I think this could be
>        useful for other translators to consider. I don't know if there is any
>        list or guidance about this issue. I will continue to check if there
>        is any possbile errors at deeper levels of running commands (g.region
>        stopped right at the beginning).

>     5. GRASS uses default font is Helvetica, this font can't display
>        Vietnamese properly. I can change the font for GIS Manager and
>        commands in /usr/local/grass-6.2.0beta2/etc/gtcltk/options.tcl. But
>        the start-up sreen still in Helvetica and some characters can't be
>        display properly. How can I change the font is start-up screen?
>    Cheers and all the best
>    Bui Huu Manh

I don't know how to answer both questions, maybe another list member


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