Jinn-Guey Lay jinn at uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu
Fri Jan 24 10:09:11 EST 1992

>Ecosystems Database CD ROM.  The CD ROM data has be "dumped" to the
>same directory that GRASS4.0 is running from, but after involking
>the "v.import" command no raster and/or vector datasets are being recognised
>by GRASS.  I know the data is there as  UNIX commands show it to be there
> ... 
>Pat Dolan,

The GRASS command "v.import" will read data file from the 
subdirectories under <mapset> with regard of the data format.

It will read, I think,  Ascii dlg files from <mapset>/dlg   
		     	binary dlg           <mapset>/bdlg 
		     	Ascii vector         <mapset>/dig_ascii
	     		binary vector        <mapset>/dig

One way to check this is to run "v.import" with the
spearfish/PERMANENT datat set. At the prompt to input
file name, type "list" to list the files available to 
GRASS for input, by checking these file names with
the contents of the likely directory, you can figure out
which directory GRASS is looking for files. With OPEN WINDOW,
I am sure you can check this without much effort. This was how 
I figured out the solution while ago.

Good luck!

Jinn-Guey Lay
Department of Geography
University of Hawaii at Manoa 

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