P_J_Dolan at P_J_Dolan at
Fri Jan 24 04:39:56 EST 1992

I am a new GRASS owner who is having the following difficulty......
Does anyone out there know how to import data from a CD ROM into the
GRASS package ?  I am trying to import data from the EPA's Global
Ecosystems Database CD ROM.  The CD ROM data has be "dumped" to the
same directory that GRASS4.0 is running from, but after involking
the "v.import" command no raster and/or vector datasets are being recognised
by GRASS.  I know the data is there as  UNIX commands show it to be there
when using GRASS.  I am running GRASS on a SUN sparc2 station using
The documentation with the EPA's CD ROM states that the data can
be imported into GRASS without any problem. However has not worked for me.
Can anyone help me with this problem.  I'm sure there must be a simple
solution to this importation task.
Pat Dolan,
Algorithm Development Facility,
Earth Observation Data Centre,
Royal Aerospace Establishment,
Farnborough,  Hamphire,

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