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Mon Jun 8 02:00:00 EDT 1992

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> I am looking fo GRASS distributor for ULTRIX.
> Does anyone have any experiences with GRASS on VAX machines (I have 
> VAXstation 3600)?
> Thanks in advance,
> 				Silvo
> 			kink at
> Centre of Scientific Research of the Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts
> Silvester Kink Novi trg 5 61000 Ljubljana Slovenija


In case no one else tells you, CWU distributes Ultrix GRASS.
David Satnik (509) 963-1446
for info.

I am running GRASS on a DECstation under ULTRIX.  I got the source codes over
ftp and unpacked and built them.  Problems did occur in the make operations,
occasionally.  If I remember correctly, the most frequent problem was that those
make rules which had a comment line starting with a tab within the rule were
confusing-- I changed these to a comment followed by a tab and they went through.

Good luck,
Joe Vaughan
 jkv at

Inst. of Atmo. Phys., U of Arizona. Tucson, AZ 

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