GRASS questions

Mary Anderson anderson at
Wed Mar 18 09:00:33 EST 1992

good morning, i have two responses to the answers from larss--
a good way to display the text from a sites list is to either create
a script and locate the text next to the site (becarefull if you
are using icons for the sites because their sizes vary from monitor display
to printout) this is the best way i have found to do this; the other option
is to create another site list with the labels and display the original with-
out text and the second one with text (the coordinates in the second file
should be offset the correct distance). personally i use the first method.

i am still unclear on how the r.cross program works and have tried it on
some global data i have with no luck whatsoever. i keep getting empty 
cats files.  does r.cross take a cell and adds the values of that cell
from all the layers?? oops ignore the empty cats files, i double checked
and those files were from another program i was using....

if anyone out there has a good suggestion to comparing many data layers
and coming up with reasonable results--please pass this on

mary anderson
anderson at
champaign, il

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