mapgen make.mapdef failure

Bernd Munier bernd at
Thu Jan 7 14:10:49 EST 1993


In reply to Ronalds problem with MAPGEN, we had the same error on our SUN IPC.
I am not an experienced UNIX operator, so I hope I remenber what we did to 
fix the error.                

The reasom showed to be differences i UNIX BSD and System V. The MAPGEN function
make.mapdef is a shell-script, running a borne shell under system V (as far
a I remember)
In line 125, a if...then clause is executed and left impropperly, if you are
using BSD instead of system V. The solution is either to call /usr/5bin before
/usr/bin in your path variable, (which did not work in our SUN-network), or
to change line one in the script to run as a bash shell.

Similar problems will occure in some other MAPGEN scripts, i.e. the command
echo -n is system V specific, and will not be understood propperly by BSD UNIX.

After these minor corrections, all went well - a very usefull product.

					   Hope this will help
					   Greetings   Bernd Munier, Roskilde Univ. DK

> /files/grass4/mapgen/interface/make.mapdef: syntax error at line 125: 'end
> of file' unexpected

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