mapgen make.mapdef failure

Scott Wade wade at
Thu Jan 7 09:19:50 EST 1993

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  Ronald Thomas, National Park Service, USA, and Bernd Munier, 
  Roskilde Univ., have written here re: a failure in the make.mapdef
  script in the GRASS-MAPGEN Interface.  The error message is similar
  to this:

       .../mapgen/interface/make.mapdef: syntax error at line 125: 'end
       of file' unexpected

  Bernd says:

      > In line 125, a if...then clause is executed and left improperly....

  Technically I suppose this is true - the "if" statement is concluded
  improperly there.  But the real problem is at/near line 63:

      if [ "$PARMS" = "" ]; then exit

   This is the "if" statement that is missing a "fi" marker to
   properly end it.  When the script is run, the end of the
   "if" statement is sought, but the end of the file is encountered
   before it is found (that is why you see the cryptic "unexpected
   end of file" message). 

   To fix, simply add a new line with "fi" on it:

      if [ "$PARMS" = "" ]; then exit

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