v.digit files on moon

Doug Youngs youngs at osiris.cso.uiuc.edu
Fri Jan 29 11:09:29 EST 1993

I want to update my v.digit program for a sparc10, 4.1.3

I've ftp'd the v.digit files from the grass4.0 updates directory:




I've put these programs in their respective directory locations on my
sparc10 and have run gmake4.0 to compile in both directories and have run
MAKE.LINKS as specified in the grass4.0 installation guide.

I still having difficulty performing the map registration routine in v.digit
(it takes a few moments to get any points to register, and after
registration, the program calculates a scale for the map that is

So, have I gotten all of the update files for v.digit ?  Have I done
something wrong in the compilation process ?

Can someone recommend some other cause for my map registration problem ?????

thanks in advance !

D. Youngs
ASI, Las Cruces

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