help w/ Tiger-Grass interface

Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Thu Nov 11 17:06:15 EST 1993

> Hi,  I am looking for help with loading tiger data into grass4.1
>      I am able to get a vector plot of all data,  but unable to build
>      category files for the line and point data.  It appears that the
>      only routine ( available makes a category file for
>      the area features but not point or line.  I would like to be able
>      to build a map that contains road, stream information as well
>      as census block ID's.  I would appreciate any help or pointers that
>      would enable me to do this.
>          thanks in advance, Nathan ,Va Tech Agricultural Engineering
> (GRASS4.1) or (GRASS4.0) will create vector maps
with TIGER/Line line features, i.e. roads, streams, etc. However, the TIGER/
Line ID numbers (TLID) are used for attributes, and there are no categories
(as each attribute is unique!). I do not know how to build census blocks as
attributed areas in GRASS; however, ArcInfo does this quite well, so if you
have any buddies with Arc...

I will be writing some shell scripts to allow categories to be used with the
vector layers created by (line features only!). I'll post more
info when these are completed.

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