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Paul Loechl loechl at
Fri Nov 12 12:08:23 EST 1993

In an E-mail message, Nathan wrote:
> Hi,  I am looking for help with loading tiger data into grass4.1
>      I am able to get a vector plot of all data,  but unable to build
>      category files for the line and point data.  It appears that the
>      only routine ( available makes a category file for
>      the area features but not point or line.  I would like to be able
>      to build a map that contains road, stream information as well
>      as census block ID's.  I would appreciate any help or pointers that
>      would enable me to do this.
>          thanks in advance, Nathan ,Va Tech Agricultural Engineering

I have a script that uses Grass programs for Tiger extraction and some
Awk commands to build dig_cats information for Tiger/Line vector files
i.e. roads, streams, boundaries, etc, including census tracts and block
groups.  The script automatically breaks down the roads extraction into
several roads categories (primary, secondary, urban, etc) depending on the
input Tiger file size.  The script is easily modified for breaking CFCC
classification categories down as you wish. The script can also be set up to
do several counties back to back.

If you are interested in this script, contact me directly.


Paul Loechl					loechl at
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