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Thu Nov 18 17:09:49 EST 1993

On the subject of reading in imagery in weird formats:

What do you GRASS users do???  For instance, we have old Landsat MSS imagery
in the horrible "band-interleaved-by-pixel-pairs" format, where

line one contains

band1,line1,pixel1; band1,line1,pixel2; band2,line1,pixel1; band2,line1,pixel2; band3,line1,pixel1; band3,line1,pixel2; band4,line1,pixel1; band4,line1,pixel2; band1,line1,pixel3; band1,line1,pixel4; band2,line1,pixel3; band2,line1,pixel4;
band3,line1,pixeln; band3,line1,pixelm; band4,line1,pixeln; band4,line1,pixelm

Isn't that ridiculous?  So, what do you do?  I have to reformat this stuff in IDIMS (an image processing package), taking several steps to do so.

Any other suggestions?

---Cleavy L. McKnight
   Department of Geology
   Baylor University

   cleavy2 at

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