hydrocomp at delphi.com hydrocomp at delphi.com
Tue Jul 26 17:27:37 EDT 1994

I recently imported a 1:250,000 DEM from the ftp site using m.dem.extract.
The data seems to be ok in that it displays fine and I'v been able to make
contours that look about right (compared to the paper maps).  When I try
to do calculations involving length or area, however, the numbers I get
are completely unreasonable.  I've tried getting corresponding latitude/
longitude coordinates to some points, and the output I get corresponds to
a different location on the globe.
I'm wondering if these problems could have something to do with having used
m.dem.extract rather than m.dmaUSGSread as previous messages here have
indicated is necessary.  (I've actually tried using m.dmaUSGSread in the
meanwhile but it isn't working, so I'm hoping someone has another explanation.)
Julie Kiang
hydrocomp at delphi.com

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