Can't read cats file

Mon Jan 23 18:06:47 EST 1995

I recently moved to a DEC alpha, and used the modified source code for
(64-bit int!) alphas form berkeley to make GRASS there.

I'm repeatedly having trouble with old data sets when I restore them from
tape.  A typical message from r.cats, for example, is
WARNING: category support for [piraeus.dem] in mapset [nsmith] invalid
r.cats: piraeus.dem in nsmith - can't read category file

But if I go in with a text editor, the cats file looks perfectly good.
E.g., for the raster that produced the error message above, the cats
file is
# 8618 categories
Piraeus, digital elevation model

0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
0:no data

Has anyone else seen this?

Neel Smith
smith at

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