Dave Mandel dmandel at
Wed Jan 11 02:23:49 EST 1995

On Tue, 20 Dec 1994, ALOBO wrote:

> Anybody could send me the fax and phone numbers to subscribe to
> Grass-Clippings
> ?
> Thanks
> Agus

Send mail to Pamela Cashman <cashman at>.
I believe the address and phone number is:

            Pamela Cashman
            Open GIS Foundation
            35 Main St.  Suite 5
            Wayland, Ma 01778
            (617) 621-7025
            (617) 621-7174

It is also my understanding that GrassClippings is pretty much dead due 
to lack of time, money, subscribers, and an editor or some combination 
like that.   This is very unfortunate as GrassClippings was very useful 
to the GRASS community in numerous ways.  It provided contact to the 
community for people without internet access.  It was also reasonably 
brief.  grassu and grassp have so much traffic that one can not keep up.  
Moreover, GrassClippings gave the community a place to publish well 
thought out articles.  Also, at one time GRASS had a small commercial 
vendor group, and GrassClippings provided an ideal place for them to 
advertise.  I don't know where or how they advertise now, and this is 
unfortunate because GRASS is a good place for small upstart idealistic 
companies to start out.  It gives them some protection from the 
proprietary giants of GIS.

Along these lines, Mark P Line <line at> is trying to 
get something called "Chirp" going, but he needs volunteers to help.  If 
Chirp works out it may help make up for the lack of GrassClippings.

                                                     David Mandel

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