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Simon Cox S.Cox at
Sat Nov 25 07:00:00 EST 1995

At 10:35 AM 24/11/95, Tom Moore wrote:
>I suppose that a hybrid solution would involve truly distributing
>the workload by having a smart server compressing information and
>delivering it to a smart client.

In a sense this is what is done with GRASSLinks - the "smart server"
runs Grass programs, "compresses the information" into a gif image,
and "delivers it to a smart client" who is running Netscape.
I realise that you actually mean something a bit more sophisticated,
but for now ...

A few things have come up regarding the html "forms" interface -
I wonder if anyone can suggest if in the future it will support

*  a "slider" or "dial" widget to select a value from a continuous spectrum
*  multiple clicks on an ismap image
*  nested elements in a single form
*  drag and drop ... (probably not)

Who is control of the html spec??

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