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Sat Nov 25 07:00:00 EST 1995

At 12:53 PM 24/11/95, BARNES DAVID wrote:
>I am currently courting computer
>science students to help with GUI's for some very simple GRASS
>applications but we are almost certainly reinventing the wheel.

The REGIS sources are available by anonymous ftp.  Mine are not
yet stable enough to post in that way, but I would be happy to
make my sources available on request.  By now the ones
I am using are almost completely re-written from the REGIS
versions, though the basic architecture is the same.
I _think_ that I have cleaned it up a lot, however, and have
added quite a bit of documentation/comments,
which would make further extension easy to implement.

It is mostly Bourne-shell scripts, with a few C programs.
It would be good training for someone who is a baby shell
programmer to work on them.   It should really probably be
re-written in Python or something, but that is beyond me.

Simon Cox

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