Request for informations

Elisabetta.Peccol at Elisabetta.Peccol at
Tue Oct 31 07:00:00 EST 1995

Dear friends,

This is an information request about DEModelling capabilities with GRASS.
We have GRASS 4.1 and, with the purpose of producing a DEM of our region, 
we are going to use The input files are point files. GRASS4.1
is on 2 Sun Sparc stations 10 and 20 with respectively 32 and 64 Mb of RAM.
We would be interested to know if GRASS loads all the points in the RAM 
before starting the interpolation . In this case we wonder if there is an
ideal number of points of the input files that GRASS is able to process
before swapping on the HD (with an exponential increase in the processing 
This of course will influence the size of the areas into which we are
going to split the region to create the DEM.
 Thanks  for your help.


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