v.to.sites and v.plant

Sue Tewalt x6437 stewalt at ncrds.er.usgs.gov
Fri Oct 27 15:51:33 EDT 1995

We have digitized straight lines that need to become rasters and
thought we could easily do this with v.to.sites with -a and -i option and
s.menu. Options don't work, though. We ftp'd v.plant from incoming and it too
gives us an error saying can't read dig-ascii header. I am very confused
because I thought I would just make an dig_ascii file myself and
reverse the columns and edit to a sites file format, but all the vertices
are not being output in the dig_ascii file. My lines look great and I
digitized at default threshold, so I should have LOTS of vertices.
Anybody else seen this?

Any and all help appreciated--

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