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>I am looking for a tool that allows me to import agleader 2000 yield 
>monitor data into grass. I will be great if I can have the source code 
>also ( if it is public domain ). Any feedback on this matter will be 
>greatly appretiated.
>                                       Thanks
>                                       Oscar (oscar at

I use GRASS for this.

Are you talking about the text files (.dat or .txt) or the raw
PCMCIA card image (.yld)? If the former, look at
For the latter, you'll have to contact either Ted Macy at Agris 
(Atlanta, GA) or Al Meyers himself. The format is proprietary
and noone, to my knowledge, has taken the time to reverse engineer

Now, to get this into a raster format, you may want to look
There's a paper I've submitted on bivariate interpolation
(for precision farming) to _Trans of ASAE_.

Does anyone else reading grassu-list use GRASS for precision farming

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