on Solaris 2.5

Iwao NODA noda12 at
Mon Oct 21 08:00:00 EDT 1996

Dear GRASS-users:
The command makes error 'Segmentation Fault(core dumped)', when
writing a file.
I installed GRASS4.1.5 on Solaris2.5 by using the compiler GCC. There were
many waring messages during compilng.
Are there any problem the same as command in my GRASS ?
Please give me the experiences , grassusers on Solaris2.5 ! 
Thank you for your kindness.                                            96.10/2
Iwao Noda 
Research Scientist
Forest Management and Economics Laboratory
Kyushu Research Center
Forestry & Forest Products Research Institute
Kurokami 4-11-16, Kumamoto 860, JAPAN
Fax: JAPAN(096)344-5054
Internet  :  noda12 at

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