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Simon Cox simon at ned.dem.csiro.au
Fri Jan 10 10:13:44 EST 1997

Teresa Salyer wrote:
> I'm trying to find a compiled program called r.proj to change a raster
> map from one projection to another.  The raster map I have is in albers
> equal area and I need it in utm.  Does anyone have any suggestions.

I wrote a script r.proj which you can find bundled up with a 
Gmakefile, etc at 


You need to have Gerry Evenden's PROJ software installed, and 
also Darrell McCauley's s.sample.  On the latter, however, we 
have also enhanced s.sample to make improvements in the memory 
management.  This reduces the time to re-project some maps from 
>24 hours to a matter of minutes, so is strongly recommended.  
Our s.sample can also be found at 


The r.proj script has only been tested on mercator, simple conic, 
and UTM (from memory ...) and will almost certainly need some 
tinkering with for other projections.  It all depends on the 
argument list passed to the "proj" steps.  There are normally 
two calls to "proj" - one inverse, to get from your source 
projection to lat-long, and then one forward to get from lat-long 
to your target projection.  You should inspect the code for 
both of these steps.  

Good luck				Simon Cox

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