Import ERDAS Imagine files

George Chou gchou at
Mon Mar 17 16:37:46 EST 1997 supports the ERDAS .lan format which is for Ver 7.x or earlier. 
The .img file is created in IMAGINE 8.x format, and has to be converted
into the .lan format first.  IMAGINE has utility to do that.

George Chou
gchou at

> From: Jim Klein <lkla at>
> To: grassu-list at
> Subject: Import ERDAS Imagine files
> Date: Monday, March 17, 1997 7:28 AM
> I am trying to import ERDAS .img files into grass4.1 and have not had 
> much luck with  (Core dumps). 
> Has anyone had any success or know of a better way to convert these 
> landcover classifications (Landsat TM Imagery) to a grass raster file?
> Jim Klein
> lkla at
> 703-739-0972

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