Graphics monitor color problems

Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Tue Mar 18 10:23:26 EST 1997

The Xdriver is hardwired for 256-color displays (you gotta remember the 
age of some of this code - which isn't necessarily a bad thing!). 
However, there is source code floating around (on the GRASS ftp site??) 
for a modified Xdriver that will work on 24-bit displays, though still 
only showing 256 colors. We have used this extensively with 24-bit X 
emulation software (eXceedNT) and Sun 24-bit displays. If you can't 
locate it, drop me a note.
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On Tue, 18 Mar 1997 adavis at wrote:

> Is the requirement for 256 color displays hard wired?  Can I recompile it
> for other resolutions?  Would this be not an advantage?  
> I am planning to build a system, one major purpose for which is to run
> GRASS.  
> On Mar 17, Malcolm Williamson wrote
> > Brian,
> > The GRASS Xdriver only works with 256 color displays. Make sure that your 
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