problem with Xgrass4.1

Tian Qing tqing at
Tue Mar 18 04:41:10 EST 1997

I installed GRASS4.1 from internet for SGI. The O.S of my computer is
IRIX 5.3. But I have some problems with Xgrass.

When I run $GISBASE/xgrass4.1, the XGRASS Startup Dialog is shown. then
I select <<Add Items...>> button, and the Add Items Dialog is shown. but
the <<Add Database>> button is in grey, also I can't input the names for 
Session,Location, and Mapset in those editing boxes. There is no focus
for inputing letters from Keyboard when I move the mouse to the editing
box and push the left button of the mouse. It seems dead. Without names
for Session,Database,Location and Mapset I can't Create Session,Location
and Mapset. Also it is impossible to Add Database. Xgrass4.1 stops here.

If some body know how to do, please answer me. many thanks.

Tian Qing
Trieste, Italy
e-mail: tqing at ics.trieste.italy

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