problem with Xgrass4.1

Justin Hickey jhickey
Wed Mar 19 05:31:28 EST 1997

Hello Tian

On Mar 18, 10:41am, Tian Qing wrote:
> Subject: problem with Xgrass4.1
> I installed GRASS4.1 from internet for SGI. The O.S of my computer is
> IRIX 5.3. But I have some problems with Xgrass.
> When I run $GISBASE/xgrass4.1, the XGRASS Startup Dialog is shown. then
> I select <<Add Items...>> button, and the Add Items Dialog is shown. but
> the <<Add Database>> button is in grey, also I can't input the names for
> Session,Location, and Mapset in those editing boxes. There is no focus
> for inputing letters from Keyboard when I move the mouse to the editing
> box and push the left button of the mouse. It seems dead. Without names
> for Session,Database,Location and Mapset I can't Create Session,Location
> and Mapset. Also it is impossible to Add Database. Xgrass4.1 stops here.

The "Add Items..." dialog box does not work for us either as you stated above
(at least for our SGI's). However, there is a workaround if you don't want to
be bothered with trying to fix the code. There should be a file in the
directory	$GIS/etc (where $GIS is the grass directory) called
"databases". If it doesn't exist, you can create it. This is the file that
contains the list of available databases for grass. Each line of the file is
simply the complete path of a grass data directory. For example xgrass on our
machine has two databases listed, so the $GIS/etc/databases file contains 2
lines as follows:


In your case, in order to use xgrass you first insert the directory path of
your grass data in the $GIS/etc/databases file. Then start xgrass, your grass
data directory should now appear in the "Database" list. Select the database
and a list of the locations in your data directory should appear (eg
spearfish). Next, select the location you want and the mapsets should then
appear (eg PERMANENT). Then you select the mapset and click the "Accept" button
and the xgrass menubar should appear. To create a session all you have to do is
quit xgrass from the menubar "Quit" button which will pop up a dialog box
asking if you want to save your changes and gives you directions on how to save
a new session.

You will have to quit xgrass and then start it again to get the new session,
but this procedure is quite a bit easier than finding and fixing the code.

I hope this helps and let me know if you have any problems.


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