Solaris and XGRASS 4.2.1

Felix Gershunov Felix at
Wed May 6 01:11:24 EDT 1998


> After mucking about with the sources some more, I decided to upgrade the
> installed copy of LessTIF with the one provided in the 4.2.1 release and 
> then recompiled the actual xgrass EXE. It runs now and pops up a window, 
> but when it prompts me for a database, I only see the first part, (the
> path where the locations are stored - GISBASE) I don't see any
> of our installed locations or mapsets. How do I set this up under
> XGrass? Or is there still something wrong with the executable that's 
> preventing these choices from appearing?
 A year ago I tried to use lefftif for compiling XGRASS under FreeBSD. And 
I had similar problems. Now I use Motif for compiling XGRASS, and it works 
fine under FreeBSD and Linux. I think, problem in lesstif.
 Besides, for XGRASS better to use old version of Motif (not 2.x). I used 
Motif 1.2.4.

 Sorry for my bad English.


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