Solaris and XGRASS 4.2.1

Clifton Wood cbwood at
Wed May 6 10:07:07 EDT 1998

Felix Gershunov wrote:
>  A year ago I tried to use lefftif for compiling XGRASS under FreeBSD. And
> I had similar problems. Now I use Motif for compiling XGRASS, and it works
> fine under FreeBSD and Linux. I think, problem in lesstif.
>  Besides, for XGRASS better to use old version of Motif (not 2.x). I used
> Motif 1.2.4.

Ah, I see. Unfortunately I don't think this lab has access to
the libs are not installed on this system. I've managed to get the
program to run (as I've stated already), but it appears that
selection isn't working properly. I'll still fiddle with it. It might
be worth it for me to compile a copy of GRASS on another system (maybe
Linux) and see if I can get it working better over there.

Thanks, Felix.

>  Sorry for my bad English.
>                                                Felix.

Hah! Your English isn't bad as long as its understandable! :>

Clifton B. Wood
Programmer/Analyst for Virginia Tech's AGNIS Department
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