Creating MASK from vect / Problems with v.spag

Stephan Eickschen eicksch at
Wed May 6 05:48:44 EDT 1998


thanks to all who have answered my request for help! Malcolm - your
way seems to be the best. Unfortunatly, v.spag hangs on my system (as it
is mentioned to be possible in the GRASS Ref. Man. at v.spag / BUGS...).
I am running GRASS4.1.5 on a SGI system (uname -srm IRIX64 6.4 IP27).
It is the binary release from (that is the same as >file v.spag< results in
> ELF 32-bit MSB dynamic executable MIPS - version 1
Does anybody have an update I could use (if possible as binary)?

I need the capability of v.spag to create nodes for crossing lines. It
hangs at

>     Reading Vector file.
>  100%
>     Cleaning lines less than thresh
> Identical lines check  and   Line intersections

Does anybody have experience wilth v.spag of GRASS 4.2X with Linux, or:
Is there a binary release of 4.2X for SGI?

Thanks in advance for any help,




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