XDRIVER problem

Thomas Zarriello tzarriel at eagle.idbsu.edu
Fri May 15 13:20:15 EDT 1998

Grass listees,
	We have a notebook in which we installed Solaris2.6 and
Grass4.2.1V11 and cannot get the XDRIVER to open a graphics window.
The monitorcap is correct.  The error is it cannot execute the
XDRIVER file although it is not because the permissions are set
incorrectly.  We believe it relates to the fact that the notebook does
not recognize any network running do to a driver problem i.e. no le0
shows up when the netstat command under is executed under Solaris. Do
anybody know of this problem, and more importantly does anybody know
how it can be fixed.

Thanks alot,
Tom Zarriello
Snake River Field Station
Boise, ID

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