GRASS5.0b on MkLinux, misc (was: A GRASS question)

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Thu Jun 3 14:06:09 EDT 1999

We never received any patches from you.  

Keep us posted.  Cheers!


Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> [on GRASS 5.0]
> On Wed, Jun 02, 1999 at 03:18:59PM -0500, R. Joe Brandon wrote:
> > Most significant was that I had to go to /etc and do a ln -s /bin/mknod mknod
> > to get mknod to work correctly.
> For me and Bill it is a known problem.
> src/CMD/generic/ has the path to mknod hardcoded, which
> IMO is a bug.
> Unfortunatly the baylor developers didn't pay much attention on
> my and Bill's patches.
> > Can't open report file
> >
> > /usr/local/grass_data/rjoe/test/rjoe/.tmp/localhost.localdomain/4478.0 no
> > such file for directory.
> >
> > each time I run this it gives me a different number after ...localdomain/
> >
> > I have the feeling this is a permissions problem and so on a whim did a
> > chmod 777 on localhost.localdomain but that did not fix anything...
> no idea on that one.
> Are you sure that the exact paths exists?
> > B: v.digit, which I also really need to work did not compile until after I
> > fixed the mknod problem.  I reran GISGEN starting with v.digit in the nextstep and everything went
> > fine. I then ran MAKELINKS.head.  Now when I enter v.digit it says it can
> > not find it?
> Note that the GRASS5.0b source was subject to unnoticed change.
> You should check if you have the last on from the Baylor ftp site.
> (Look at the date and the size.)
> IIRC v.digit should be superceded by v.digspline, but I did not
> seriously try to run one of thoses.
> I hope these few clues are useful to you.
>         Bernhard
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