Scanning a map that has been folded? (NOT GRASS SPECIFIC)

David Irving dirving at
Tue Nov 16 13:39:48 EST 1999

"Robert L. Sandefur" wrote:

> Hello -
> This is not grass specific but has anyone gotten the fold creases out of a folded map before scanning? I have several folded maps to scan and am thinking of ironing  them but I would consider  other options (including software). Suggestion for iron settings are also appreciated (steam or dry high or low) Searching the net returned no hits.
> Thanx
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people who fold maps should be dropped off a cliff.

seriously, if you can't get another, unfolded, copy of the map, ironing is probably your best option. using a steam setting (not too hot) would expand the paper fibres, and help get rid of the folds.


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