error in loading shared libraries

Michel Wurtz - ENGEES/CEREG mw at
Thu Sep 16 02:42:04 EDT 1999

Kurt Gerber wrote:
> Hi everybody
> I recently installed the binaries from Grass5.03beta  It started up fine, but
> when I wanted to do something, then I got always the following error message:
> error in loading shared libraries
> : undefined symbol: __bzero

Hmmm... I had this too.  It seems that the binary version of
grass5.0.3 runs only with the latest library of RH6.0 Linux
(and I had only a 2.0.30 kernel based old slackware dist).

I resorted to :

- get and compile the latest version of lesstif (no pb), just
  think to put all in /usr, not /usr/local (--prefix options
  in configure)

- the same for MESAGL (things seems also easy)

- beware of your tcl/tk libs, even if you have 8.0.  I get some
  compiling problems with 8.0.3, so I compiled tcl/tk8.0.5 and
  put all in /usr (bin, lib, include).

- After that, compiling nviz2.2 was easy, and tcktkgrass run fine

NB: the remaining sources of grass compiled fine without all this
preparation work.  But you need a recent version of tcl/tk for
nviz and tcltkgrass.

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