error in loading shared libraries

Agustin Lobo alobo at
Mon Sep 20 04:59:37 EDT 1999

I have this problem with the grass5-0beta3 binaries
ans SuSe 6.0.

Could anybody let me know what are the requirements in terms
of shared libraries (and other components) that my box
should conform  to in order for the binary version
to work?

Note that the www page
just states:

"REQUIREMENTS to run GRASS GIS on Linux/Intel

A workstation running some flavor with Linux.  Ideally, 
you should have at least 500 Mb for data and 32 Mb RAM."

and says:

"It was precompiled on Linux based on aka glibc2 
(Redhat 5.x/6.x, SuSe 6.x, Debian 2.x...)"


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On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Michel Wurtz - ENGEES/CEREG wrote:

> Kurt Gerber wrote:
> > 
> > Hi everybody
> > I recently installed the binaries from Grass5.03beta  It started up fine, but
> > when I wanted to do something, then I got always the following error message:
> > 
> > error in loading shared libraries
> > : undefined symbol: __bzero
> Hmmm... I had this too.  It seems that the binary version of
> grass5.0.3 runs only with the latest library of RH6.0 Linux
> (and I had only a 2.0.30 kernel based old slackware dist).
> I resorted to :
> - get and compile the latest version of lesstif (no pb), just
>   think to put all in /usr, not /usr/local (--prefix options
>   in configure)
> - the same for MESAGL (things seems also easy)
> - beware of your tcl/tk libs, even if you have 8.0.  I get some
>   compiling problems with 8.0.3, so I compiled tcl/tk8.0.5 and
>   put all in /usr (bin, lib, include).
> - After that, compiling nviz2.2 was easy, and tcktkgrass run fine
> NB: the remaining sources of grass compiled fine without all this
> preparation work.  But you need a recent version of tcl/tk for
> nviz and tcltkgrass.
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