Box Counting Method

Markus Neteler neteler at
Fri Sep 17 07:32:36 EDT 1999

> I've written a box counting program for GRASS.  It uses bit-flipping
> techniques which means that it's very quick, but as a result it may
> only run on little endian machines (e.g. Intel-based machines, which
> is all I have access to).  You can find out more and download the
> source code by following the links from my signature.
> Dr. Mark Lake

Hi Mark, hi all,

currently I am searching for a GRASS module to calculate
the fractal dimension of remote sensing images. I think
the box counting method should be fine for that.
So I have a few questions (as not being very experienced with fractals
in GIS yet):

 - I would need a module which accepts grey scale images instead
   of binary images
 - the result should be regionalised: A resulting raster map would show
   the distributed fractal dimension so that you could distinguish
   different types of landscape

Is that possible with (modified) r.boxcount? Or do I have to write a
new module? 
Does anybody have experience here?

Any help is appreciated!

  Markus Neteler

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