problem using r.answers

Michel Wurtz - ENGEES/CEREG mw at
Wed Sep 29 08:06:00 EDT 1999

Kamarul Azlan Mohd Nasir wrote:
> to run answers, I got this error message. The error message given
> reads like this
>  " /usr/local/grass42/etc/answers/answers: fatal:
> open failed: No such file or directory"

It seems that grass is dynamicaly linked on your system.  This means
that the libraries are looked at compile time, but the functions
and subroutines used by the programm are not included during the
link.  This save (a lot of) space on your disk and in memory : two
programs using the same library function share the code in memory.

The counterpart is that you need the library at run time because
you need the function's code to be loaded in memory with your main

When you get a binary distribution, you should ensure that you have
the library (and the required version number!) in order to use your
program.  This is why the programs using non-free libraries, like
the X motif library, are "static" compiled.

In your case, you are missing the fortran main library.  There is
two possibilities : it's the gnu fortran lib and you should be able
to download it, or it's the Sun fortran library, and I'm not sure
you may have it for free !

If you have compiled answers, something is going wrong : there is
no reason to loose the library between compilation and run !

Maybe the easier way for you is to found the gnu fortran compiler
(g77) and recompile answers.

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