s.vol.rst - precip interpolation ?

Chris Kilsby c.g.kilsby at ncl.ac.uk
Tue Apr 4 08:26:34 EDT 2000


I am looking into means of generating rainfall (raster) maps from 
site data, and am aware of the basic methods of interpolation 
supported by GRASS such as s.surf.idw and s.surf.tps (now 
s.surf.rst I believe). What I really want however is to interpolate 
using elevation as an independent variable. A suitable method is 
that of Hutchinson, implemented  in ANUSPLIN ( a commercial 
package)  using thin plate splines. 

Does anyone know of a GRASS package or freely available code 
which can do this ? I guess that s.vol.rst (referred to in the GRASS 
web pages) would do the job, but has not yet been  implemented. 

Any info gratefully received, before I re-invent the wheel.

regards, Chris

Chris Kilsby   Lecturer in Hydrology
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