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C.Hoegl at gmx.net C.Hoegl at gmx.net
Mon Aug 20 11:03:13 EDT 2001

On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, Kevin Slover wrote:

> sorry, got confuse, I am really using the d.profile command:
>  am working with the d.profile command, and have gotten it to work for
> what I am needed...however, I have a question about it...
> is there a way to change the scale??  Ex, I am working with LIDAR data
> for both land and ocean, and have heights ranging from -186 to +35...the
> scale used gives me that range...however, I do not really care about
> anything greater than even -50...is it possible to use a MASK and
> "blank" out those depths less than -50??
> and secondly, is there a way to get a better picture??  The profiles are
> small, and very difficult to read.  I have thought about using the
> exported file and drawing a profile using a different program, however
> that will become tedious with the number that I am needed to look
> at...any suggestions for this??
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use r.mapcalc as follows to create a new map containing only the 
range you're interested in:

r.mapcalc newmap=if((sourcemap>-50),sourcemap,NULL)

If you really want a MASK (case sensitive):

r.mapcalc MASK=if(sourcemap>-50)

(be sure to drop it afterwards or you may see spooky results
(g.remove rast=MASK))

clear skies,

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