[GRASSLIST:2367] problems using r.param.scale

Simon Parker stp838 at bham.ac.uk
Wed Aug 22 03:07:00 EDT 2001

I'm having problems getting r.param.scale to work.
When I run the module it counts up to 100% then I get "Segmentation fault".
I have tried using successively smaller regions in case it's limited by my
system, the module then counts up to 100% more quickly but still seg faults.

I notice that the same problem has come up twice before on the mailing list
(as "problems with r.param.scale", Aug 1998 and "problems finding maximum
convexity", Jul 1997)
but I couldn't find any replies or solutions. I wondered if anyone is using
this module successfully. Any help would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance,

Simon Parker

Division of Environmental Health & Risk Management
School of Geography and Environmental Sciences
The University of Birmingham
United Kingdom

stp838 at bham.ac.uk

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