[GRASSLIST:2728] Re: Upload sites to db

Radim Blazek radim.blazek at dhv.cz
Tue Dec 4 06:10:34 EST 2001

On Tue  4. December 2001 08:36, Harald Wehr wrote:
> >
> > v.to.db type=site map=sites option=cat table=sites key=id
> > v.to.db type=site map=sites option=coor table=sites key=id col1=x col2=y
> I exactly followed your instructions to this point. First i digitized
> some sites in grass. Then i created a table like this above and then
> tried to put these sites into the table. But after that there are no
> sites in the table. Only the category, i have assigned to all sites is
> written in the column "id". There is nothing else in the table "sites".
> Can you give any hints what i'm doing wrong?
>> Thanks Harald

Sites are identified by category number so categories must differ.
Remove dig_att file for your vector and run
v.llabel -i map=name type=point
and v.to.db again.


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